The Hunterian’s full list of ongoing insight talks is available here.

Past Events

6 April 2017, 6:30pm; Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh: Fashionable Diseases: Syphilis, Consumption and Gout.

8 April 2017, 2:30pm; Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh: ‘Fashionable Diseases: Syphilis, Consumption and Gout.

31 January 2017, 1pm; Hunterian Main Museum: ‘Syphilitic Spectres: Stories from the Hunterian’s Skulls’ (Insight Talk).

9th November 2016; 2-4pm, Hunterian Main Museum: Hunterian Associates Showcase Afternoon, showcasing projects from this years programme.

8th November 2016; 5.30 – 7.30 pm, Hunterian Main Museum: Hunterian Associates Showcase. An event showcasing all of the projects undertaken this year, giving visitors the opportunity to see items from the Museum and Library’s Special Collections (including some C18th treatises on the pox), meet the Associates, and hear an exciting range of short talks on everything from the pox to disease maps. 

30 September 2016; The Hunterian Main Museum: ‘Syphilis, stigma and sympathy in 18th Century Britain’This talk will explore how eighteenth-century society viewed victims of venereal disease, looking at the spectrum of emotions the ‘Great Pox’ excited, from hatred to fear and pity. This talk forms part of the Hunterian Unlocked, Explorathon 2016 Events.

28 September 2016, 1pm; The Hunterian Art Gallery (Exhibition space): Emotional History of Syphilis in sixteenth-century London. This talk forms part of the events surrounding the hugely popular exhibition Skeletons: Our Buried BonesThis talk will explore the kind of life a young woman (likely a prostitute) who died of syphilis may have led in sixteenth-century London.

30 August 2016, 1pm; Hunterian Museum, University of Glasgow: ‘Sores and Stigma: Exploring Hunter’s syphilis skulls’ (Insight Talk).