Additional Resources

If this project has sparked your interest (and I hope it has) in learning more about the history of the pox here are some books, websites and articles for further reading.

Articles and Blogs

Caitlin Jukes, ‘The Origin of Syphilis‘, University of Glasgow Library Blog, 15 October 2015. An interesting consideration of the origins of syphilis combining historical research and scientific understanding on the development of the disease.

Caitlin Jukes, ‘Pox, pustules and pestilence – A history of syphilis treatment‘, University of Glasgow Library Blog, 7 September 2015. Looking at the different treatments used against the disease from mercury to penicillin.

James Meikle, ‘Rise in syphilis and gonorrhoea diagnoses in England‘, The Guardian, 5 July 2016. Shows that syphilis is a disease that is far from irrelevant in today’s world.

Mona O’Brien, ‘Sores, Scorn and Stigma? Suffering Syphilis in Early Modern Germany‘, Notches: (re)marks on the history of sexuality, 22 March 2016. My post for Notches’ series on Venereal Disease exploring the emotions of two early German pox victims.


Johannes Fabricius, Syphilis in Shakespeare’s England (London: J. Kingsley, 1994). A book focussing on attempts to understand and treat the pox in early modern England.

Claude Quétel, History of Syphilis, trans. Judith Braddock and Brian Pike (Oxford: Polity Press, 1990). This book gives a very readable history of the pox/syphilis from the fifteenth to the twentieth centuries.

Kevin Siena, Venereal Disease, Hospitals and the Urban Poor: London’s “Foul Wards”, 1600-1800 (Rochester: University of Rochester Press, 2004). An interesting, well-researched exploration of the treatment of the poxed in London.


University of Glasgow Syphilis Collection: A brilliant resource, including a catalogue of the university’s fantastic collection of texts on syphilis dating from the fifteenth to the nineteenth centuries. There are also links to several excellent blog posts and articles about this collection.

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